TuitionFit and OnToCollege Have a Podcast!

When I first met John Baylor, the president of OnToCollege, I felt like I was talking to a radio celebrity.  Little did I know that I WAS actually talking to a radio celebrity: the voice of the University Nebraska women’s volleyball program for almost a quarter century.  He’s smart, energetic, optimistic, and a great conversationalist.  By the end of our first phone call, I was already thinking about how cool it would be to host a podcast with him.

Fast forward about six months, and . . . BAM!  The OnToCollege Show launches its inaugural season.

We decided to build our podcast around the idea that the college search is not the scary impossible thing that most folks would have you believe.  In fact, it’s easy if you take it by the horns and do a few simple things.  Because there are two undeniable truths that colleges would rather you didn’t know: 1) For all but the tiniest sliver of students, what matters is what you do in college and not where you, and 2) most colleges have empty beds and empty seats that they can’t fill, so you can shop around.

You can listen to our debut episode here.  And if you want to check out other episodes and subscribe (yes, please subscribe and tell your friends, neighbors, and strangers in the grocery store), you can find the OnToCollege Show on most of the different platforms where people go to get their podcasts.

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