Set Up a Free Account for Students, Parents, or Counselors

  1. Create a secure username and password.
  2. Answer basic questions about you and provide your best ACT or SAT score, your high school GPA (unweighted if you know it), and your EFC (Expected Family Contribution) that came from completing the FAFSA.
  3. If you are a parent or counselor, set up a free parent or counselor account and ask your student to share access to their account with you.

Watch the videos below for a simple demo to set up a student, parent, or counselor account

Find the Colleges in Your Price Range and See Behind the Cost Curtain

  1. See a list of colleges that offered an actual price in your price range last year.
  2. For less than the price of one college application, compare the different ways that those offers combine grants and loans or load up first-year scholarships that don't renew.
  3. Start your college search with confidence that you are looking at the right financial fit schools for you.

Watch this short video below for a demonstration of the differences between the free and premium data displays

Compare Your Prices with the Prices Other Students have Received and Negotiate with Real Leverage

  1. Take a picture of each award offer you receive and upload to TuitionFit.
  2. Approve your anonymized letter so you can see all of the awards that others have shared.
  3. Compare your prices against the offers that similar students have shared from other colleges and finally figure out which college is the best financial fit for you.
  4. Use the actual award letters from every student who has shared with TuitionFit to negotiate with leverage and get your best possible price.

Watch this short video below for a demonstration of how to upload the financial aid offers you received and gain access to your full display of comparison prices