My name is Mark Salisbury, and I've spent my whole career in higher education: as an administrator, researcher, and teacher at Augustana College and the University of Iowa, and as an admissions recruiter and soccer coach at Idaho State University, Central Michigan University, and Missouri University of Science and Technology.   I have a PhD in Higher Education from the University of Iowa (Let's go, Hawkeyes!), and additional degrees from the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!), and the University of Minnesota (Ski-U-Mah!).

For 25 years, I've wondered why we couldn't make actual college prices transparent for all to see and help students and families compare colleges more effectively.  At the same time, I've wondered if college price transparency might actually help colleges find students more simply and efficiently.

TuitionFit is a labor of love informed by all those years of experience. It's designed to make life better and less stressful for both sides of the college selection process: help more students go to college for a lower price and help colleges find students more efficiently.

Mark Salisbury PhD TuitionFit Founder
TuitionFit will help more students go to college for a lower price and help colleges find students more efficiently.

I’m Kimberly Dyer, co-founder of TuitionFit. I’m originally from Michigan, have a B.A. from Kalamazoo College, and I got my Masters and PhD in Mathematics from Michigan State University.

I worked as a graduate teaching assistant and instructor at MSU and continued to work in higher ed at Clayton State University and Augustana College teaching and tutoring math and using data analysis to improve almost every area involved in operating a college.

I believe college is a pivotal experience, and TuitionFit is the way I can help more people find out that the real price at many colleges is more affordable than they thought.

Kimberly Dyer PhD TuitionFit Co Founder
TuitionFit is how I can make price less of an obstacle on the path to college.


My name is Jason Wilebski, and I am the VP of College Partnerships for TuitionFit. The last 15 years of my professional life have been spent connecting students and families with college degrees that will make a positive impact in their lives. I have B.B.A. from the University of St. Francis and earned my M.B.A from Kaplan University.
In my roles as a director of an admissions department, admissions advisor, teacher and various operational positions, I believe that education is one key to a successful life. TuitionFit is a unique tool benefiting both students looking for a good college fit and colleges that are recruiting their next graduating class.
For 15 years I believed that students knowing the actual price of tuition in their college search was a benefit to both the student and the college they ultimately choose. TuitionFit now makes that process so much easier and I am excited to bring these students to college admissions departments all over the country.