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How Does TuitionFit Help You?

Real Pricing Information Gives You Knowledge, Power, and Leverage 

Any Time Before Your Senior Year

TuitionFit sorts through thousands of financial aid award offers shared by prior year users to find colleges and universities that have offered students just like you a price in your price range. You can also upgrade to see actual prices, different combinations of grants and loans, and in some cases the actual financial aid letters themselves.

In the Fall of Your Senior Year

In order to see the financial aid award offers shared by similar students, you just have to share one of your own award offers. So apply to a college or university that turns around decisions immediately, upload that financial aid award offer, and you'll be able to see all the other actual prices as they are shared throughout the current admissions cycle.

In the Spring of Your Senior Year

As you close in on making your final college choice, you want to make sure you get the best possible price.  TuitionFit's customized display shows you exactly what similar students have been offered so you can use that information as leverage to negotiate and make sure your final college choice is also your best financial fit.


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