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If you’re looking for a college, you know by now that you can’t find out a college’s actual price until after you apply.  

But what’s the point of applying to a school if you don't know whether you can afford it? 

TuitionFit makes solving that problem easy by letting students securely share the individual college offers they receive to create a single massive data set of actual prices.  After anonymizing all the data so your personal identity is thoroughly protected, Tuitionfit shows you all the real prices that other colleges have offered students just like you.

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How Does TuitionFit Help Students and Families?

Explore the real range of actual college prices

TuitionFit displays all of the prices shared by similar students, so you can see offers from schools you haven't applied to yet, significantly expanding your options.

Compare financial aid awards

TuitionFit breaks down the details of every financial aid award so that you can understand how your offers compare to others in the data set, giving you the information you need to negotiate or appeal your award.

Choose your college with confidence

TuitionFit helps you determine the real value of each college, allowing you to know that the school you choose is worth the price they are asking you to pay.